10th International Workshop on WATER DYNAMICS
Deep Carbon Cycle / Geosphere Pollution
Faculty of Engineering, Center Square, Tohoku University

ICDP-Japan Beyond Brittle Project (JBBP)
Faculty of Engineering, Center Square, Tohoku University

 We had the Great East Japan Earthquake and severe tsumani disaster on March 11 2011, and then we had spent unusual life after the earthquake. Tohoku University, the largest university in Tohoku District, was partly damaged by the earthquake; however, we can continue to perform high level research activities as well as previous conditions.
We also notice and conform the importance of Earth Science for human beings. Global COE (Center Of Excellence) project organizes 9th international workshop on WATER DYNAMICS around first year anniversary of the earthquake.

The Workshop will review the fundamental properties and reactivity of WATER, which means not only pure water but also multicomponent geofluids, and the workshop involves the role of carbon in the Earth’s interior for dynamics and evolution of the Earth System.

After the Fukushima Nuclear Power Disaster has drastically changed the energy policy of the Japanese government. The government, industry, and citizens are much more positive to develop stable, safe, locally-distributed, and clean energy resources. Renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal have been focused, and geothermal has been considered as one of the most promising solutions for currently occurring energy-related crisis in Japan.


WD10-Deep Carbon Cycle / ICDP-JBBP Group photograph 2013/3/13



WD10-Geosphere Pollution Group photograph 2013/3/16