About Water Dynamics

The Workshop will review the fundamental properties and reactivity of WATER, and the design of water environments for material processing and energy conversion. We plan to assess the role of WATER in a range of Earth processes, and consider environmentally friendly approaches to preserve waterenvironments in our “Aqua-planet”, for present and future generations. WATER is the essential constituent for life, and delegates will explorethe cause-and-effect relationship between water,ecology and life in various environments.

WATER DYNAMICS covers wide range of Earth Scientific interests such as the following topics:

  • High temperature water-rock interaction
  • Dehydration and hydration during Earth processes.
  • Mineral-Fluid Interface
  • Serpentinization
  • Fluid flow and Vein formation
  • Geothermal Engineering related to JBBP
  • Environmental issues on contamination of groundwater
  • Tsunami sediments

WD17 will be held from 3/27 2020.
Application deadline is 2/14 2020.

This year’s Water Dynamics 17 has been canceled!